Kanazawa is situated in the center of the main island of Japan. The city was governed by 14 generations of the Maeda clan over 280 years. Kanazawa boasts Kenrokuen Garden, one of the most beautiful gardens in the country, as well as streets lined with historical buildings. In addition, various traditional craft techniques have been handed down through the generations, and new creative activities have also been promoted.
How about coming to the historical city of Kanazawa this winter and enjoying its charms?
City of Crafts
Kanazawa has a wide variety of traditional crafts including Kanazawa gold leaf, Kaga-yuzen dyed silk, Kutani ceramics and Kanazawa lacquerware. In addition, new creative activities such as glass art have been promoted. The city of Kanazawa was registered as a City of Crafts of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network in June 2009.
UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art
Major Crafts
photo01Kanazawa Gold Leaf
Gold leaf is made by pounding gold to make it into a sheet with a thickness of 0.2 micron. 99% of Japanese gold leaf is produced in Kanazawa.
photo01Kaga-yuzen Dyet Silk
Kaga-yuzen silk kimonos are produced by means of a complicated processes. The silk features realistic designs of flowers and birds.
photo01Kanazawa Gold Leaf
This ceramic ware features flowers and birds with seasonal elements applied in five distinctive Kutani colors.
photo01Kanazawa Gold Leaf
This lacquerware is characterized by designs using gold and silver powder and seashells.
photo01Kanazawa Gold Leaf
Kaga embroidery,
Ohi-yaki pottery,
Kaga inlay, etc.

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