Winter Events (Free admission)
Ladder Acrobatics by Kanazawa Firefighters
Ladder Acrobatics by Kanazawa Firefighters
New Year’s performance by 1,100 self-defense fire brigade members in Kanazawa. The highlight is Kaga-tobi, an acrobatic performance on top of ladders, which has a history of 350 years.
Date: Jan. 10 (Sun) 10:00am ~ 11:00am
Place: Kanazawa Castle Park

Illumination of Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Garden
Illumination of Kanazawa Castle and
Kenrokuen Garden
The white walls of Kanazawa Castle and trees with yukitsuri (ropes for protection from heavy snow) in Kenrokuen Garden are illuminated during the following periods.
Dates: Feb. 5 (Fri) ~ 7 (Sun) and Feb. 11 (Thurs) ~ 14 (Sun)
            5:30pm ~ 9:00pm
Place: Kanazawa Castle Park, Kenrokuen Garden

Food-PIA Land
Food-PIA Land
Kanazawa boasts delicious winter cuisine that uses fresh seafood. During the food festival, various dishes are served in about 100 outdoor booths.
Dates: Feb. 11 (Thurs) ~ 14 (Sun) 10:00am ~ 6:00pm
Place: Ishikawa Central Park
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Craft Tourism
Traditional craft techniques have been handed down since the feudal age, and creative activities are flourishing in Kanazawa. The city’s craft tourism include visits to traditional craft workshops and creating your own craft.

English guided tour
Explanations are given by special guides at each site.
(Walking tour)
Jan 10 (Sun)
Meet at Kanazawa Castle Park ― Observation of firefighters’ performance ― Higashi Chaya and Kazuemachi Chaya areas (historical amusement quarters) ―Gallery Kyoka (Kanazawa lacquerware) ―Ohi Museum (Ohi-yaki pottery) ―Hashiba bus stop (end of tour)
Feb 13 (Sat)
Meet at Food-PIA Land ― Nosaku (Kanazawa lacquerware) ― Kanazawa Crafts Hirosaka (Craft shop) ― Kanazawa Noh Museum (Experience of traditional performing arts) ―Kenrokuen Garden ― Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Center (end of tour)

English guided tour
(Walking tour)
Feb 6 (Sat), 7 (Sun), 13 (Sat), 14 (Sun)
1:00pm~ 5:00 pm
Meet at Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Center ― Ishikawa Kanko Bussankan (Experience of designing a handcrafted doll called Kaga-hachiman Okiagari) ― Kanazawa Crafts Hirosaka ― (end of tour) in front of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Utatsuyama Craft Workshop

Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Center
Fee: Full-day tour (Admission: 700 yen or less)
Half-day tour (Admission and workshop fee: 1,300 yen)
No. of participants: 10 max. (Reservation required)
Registration: Kanazawa Goodwill Guide Network Tel: 076-232-3933 Fax: 076-225-7210 E-mail:
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Facilities Related to Traditional Crafts
Address / Tel / Fax
Open / Closed / Admission
1 Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Arts and crafts

1-1 Kenroku-machi
Tel: 076-262-2020

Fax: 076-262-8690

Open: 9:00am~5:00pm
Closed: Jan.1-3, Thursdays (Open Feb. 11)

Admission: 250 yen
36 traditional crafts of Ishikawa, such as Kaga-yuzen, Kutani ceramics, and Wajima lacquerware, as well as crafts produced by contemporary local artists, are on exhibit.
2 Kanazawa Crafts Hirosaka

1-2-25 Hirosaka
Tel: 076-265-3320

Fax: 076-265-3321

Open: 10:00am~6:00pm
Closed: Jan.1 & 12, Mar.23, Mondays (Open Jan. 11 and Mar.22)

Admission: Free
An antenna shop selling rare traditional crafts of Kanazawa, such as Kaga inlay, Kaga embroidery, Kaga fishing flies and Kanazawa Japanese-style umbrellas
3 Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum

1-5-10 Kita-yasue
Tel: 076-233-1502

Fax: 076-233-1502

Open: 9:30am~5:00pm
Closed: Jan.1-3, Feb.22-25

Admission: 300 yen

The artistic works owned by Mr.Yasue, a noted gold leaf artisan, are on exhibit, and visitors can observe the process of trimming pounded gold leaf. (Green tea containing gold leaf and sweets are served.)

4 Utatsuyama Craft Workshop

To-10 Utatsu-machi
Tel: 076-251-7286

Fax: 076-251-9113

Open: 9:00am~5:00pm
Closed: Jan.1-3, Tuesdays

Admission: 300 yen
Works of local craft artists are on exhibit, and visitors can observe ceramics, lacquerware, dyeing, metalwork, and glass workshops.
5 Ohi Museum

2-17 Hashibacho
Tel: 076-221-2397

Fax: 076-221-2123

Open: 9:00am~5:00pm
Closed: Open every day

Admission: 700 yen
Museum of ceramic works for the tea ceremony which have been produced for 340 years.
(Free admission to the gallery)
6 Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Centerr

8-8 Kosho-machi
Tel: 076-224-5511

Fax: 076-224-5533

Open: 9:00am~5:00pm
Closed: Jan.1-4, Wednesdays

Admission: 300 yen

Exhibition of Kaga-yuzen kimonos, presentation of the Kaga-yuzen silk-dyeing process, and observation of the drawing process. Putting on a kimono (20 min: 1,500 yen), stroll in a kimono (60 min: 3,800yen),Stamp dyeing (20 min: 1,050 yen), Hand-drawing dyeing (60 min: 1,890 yen)

7 Ishikawa Kanko Bussankan (Local Products Shop)

2-20 Kenroku-machi
Tel: 076-222-7788

Fax: 076-222-5183

Open: 10:00am~6:00pm
Closed: Tuesdays

(Open on Jan.5, Mar.16, 23, 30)
Admission: Free
Local crafts and sweets are for sale here. Visitors can also experience designing a handcrafted doll called Kaga-hachiman Okiagari (30 min: 1,000 yen) (11:00am~3:00pm)
※Other Craft Facilities (Facilities including an institution where visitors can experience craft work.)
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