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Autumn (September to November)
Yukizuri at Kenrokuen Garden : November
yukizuri at Kenrokuen Garden : November
Snow that falls in the winter of Kanazawa is heavy in weight because the snow contains a large quantity of moisture. In order to prevent the branches of the trees in Kenrokuen Garden from breaking, yukizuri (literary means snow hanging) is performed. This is a method of protecting the branches with ropes attached in a conical array to the trees. Skillful gardeners use more than 800 ropes to give yukizuri to the Karasaki pine in Kenrokuen Garden, which is famous for the great shape of its branches. Yukizuri is a true symbol that tells the coming of winter to Kanazawa. The first snow of the season falls in Kanazawa between late in November and early in December. Kanazawa becomes a snow-covered town from January to February.
Autumn Leaves : Late in October to Middle of November
                                          Leaves : Late in October to Middle of 
The red coloring of tree leaves start in Kanazawa late in October. Kenrokuen Garden is lit up in mid-November, when the autumn leaves in Kenrokuen Garden become most beautiful. The red and yellow branches and leaves together with yukitsuri ropes lit up in the dark create a fantastic atmosphere. Besides, the Old Site of Mr. Kurando Terashima's House, Mt. Utatsu, and the Daijoji Temple (a Zen sect temple located in the suburbs of Kanazawa) are known as famous places of autumn leaves.
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