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01 Kenrokuen Garden and Circumference of Kanazawa Castle Park
02 Around Korinbo, Kata-machi, and Naga-machi
03 Around Kanazawa Station, Musashigatsuji, and Owari-cho
04 Around Higashiyama and Utatsuyama
05 Around No-machi, Tera-machi, Nodayama, and Kodatsuno
06 Kanazawa Suburbs
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Tourist Spot
03. Around Kanazawa Station, Musashigatsuji, and Owari-cho
Around Kanazawa Station The Old Site of Mr. Kurando Terashima's House
Omi-cho Market Kazue-machi Chaya District
Around Musashigatsuji    
  [ Around Kanazawa Station ]
            Kanazawa Station photo
            Kanazawa Station photo
            Kanazawa Station photo

Kanazawa Station is JR West Railway's major station located in Kanazawa. The reconstruction of the surrounding area is making progress for the extension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen (a high-speed railway line) to Kanazawa in 2014. There is a glass dome called "Motenashi (Welcome) Dome," which looks like a huge umbrella, at the east entrance of Kanazawa Station. The dome has a wooden gate called "Tsuzumi-mon," which symbolizes a traditional Japanese instrument called tsuzumi (hand drums). The underground of the dome serves as an information corner and event space.
In recent years, the area has become a busier shopping quarter with the construction of large-sized shopping buildings.

    ■ Kanazawa Hyakubangai (in Kanazawa Station Building)  
    Open : 8:30 am to 8 pm (Some stores open at 7 am, and restaurants open until 11 pm) - Closed : Open 365 days a year
    Address : 1-1 Kinoshinbo-machi  
    Contact : Tel. 260-3700  
    Web : http://www.100bangai.co.jp  
    Open : 10 am to 9 pm (Restaurants and some stores open until 11 pm) - Closed : Open 365 days a year  
    Address : 3-1 Horikawashin-machi  
    Contact : Tel. 265-8111  
    Web : http://www.forus.co.jp/kanazawa/  
Around Kanazawa Station, Musashi-ga-tsuji, and Owari-cho photo
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