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Title The Higashi Chaya District - Dreamy Light-up in Summer   Date.   2009-07-01

Chaya is a traditional pleasure quarter where geisha girls entertain guests with dance and music performance.
The largest of the three Chaya districts here in Kanazawa is the Higashi Chaya district.

Pepeating the sucess of last summer, the district will create a fanastic summer-night atmosphere with 200 sets of lanterns covered with beautiful Kaga-Yuzen silk fabrics.

Why not stroll around the district and enjoy an attractive Japanese summer night in Kanazawa.

 Time and Date   18:30~20:30, from August 14 (Thursday) to 16 (Saturday)
 Place            The Higashi Chaya District
 Note            Could be called off due to bad weather

An illuminated exhibition of the outstanding techniques of craftsmen (admission free)

Traditional crafts such as tapestries, lanterns using Kaga-Yuzen silk fabrics and
Japanese umbrellas using oil-papers and bamboo frames are displayed.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the traditional skills still practiced.

 Time and Date   9:00~20:30, from July 31 (Friday) to 9 (Sunday)
 Place            Higashi Chaya Rest House

For further information on the Higashi Chaya district, please visit the following link.


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