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Setsubun Festival at Utasu Shrine

Date: 2017/01/25

Setsubun is a word expressing the traditional ends of four seasons usually indicating the day before spring, in which people scatter roasted soy beans in and out of their houses in order to drive away goblins and draw in happiness shouting “In with good luck! Out with demons!” People collect up and eat an amount of beans that corresponds to their age, wishing for good health and good fortune in the year.
Setsubun ceremony is held not only at homes but also at temples and shrines around town. In Kanazawa Setsubun festival held at Utasu Shrine in Higashi Chaya district is especially famous where Shinto purification rites are held and dances are dedicated by geisha from the Higashi Chaya district at its main sanctuary, and then the beans are thrown out of bags by geisha and priests standing at the stairway of the sanctuary.

Time and date:
13:00 free servicing of cask sake, offering of performance, etc.
14:00 Setsubun festival (purification rites)
14:30 geisha dance dedication
14:45 throwing beans
Friday, February 3, 2017
Venue: Utasu Shrine (Higashi Chaya district)
Charges: free

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