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Tetsuo Yoshino, a chairman of volunteer tourist guide group “maido-san”

If you see people in yellow jackets in Kanazawa, they may be volunteer tourist guides called maido-san. Mr. Tetsuo Yoshino, a chairman of the group, talked to us about what he likes about Kanazawa.

-Can you tell us about maido-san?

Us, maido-san are volunteer tourist guides in Kanazawa. We are amateurs helping tourists free of charge. But we do work with pride and sense of responsibility. We have a staff member in the Higashi-Chaya District, in the Nishi-Chaya District, and in the Nagamachi District who show visitors around the historical areas of the city. You can recognize us by our bright yellow jackets. You can also find English speaking staff if you apply in advance.

-What does maido-san stand for?

“Maido-san” means something like “hello” in Kanazawa dialect. Local people will be thrilled when you address them with “maido-san!”.

-What do think of your daily work?

What is most enjoyable in our work is meeting and speaking with a lot of people from different places. Japanese people often use the phrase “ichi-go ichi-e”, which means “once in a lifetime”. I think every trip is really a once in a lifetime experience.

-What do you like about Kanazawa?

Kanazawa is, in a word, a town of greenery, water and mountains. Gardens and parks full of lush greenery can be found everywhere and the sound of the water flowing through the small canals make your stay in the historical districts extra special. You will also see a lot of charming slopes, as the city center is situated between three mountains and two rivers. I’m sure anyone can enjoy Kanazawa’s townscape, its cultural activities, its local cuisine, traditional crafts and its hospitality.

About Maidosan (Japanese)

*Please ask for the KGGN group at the Tourist Information Center right outside Kanazawa Station. Please book in advance if you are in need of an English guide.

http://kggn.sakura.ne.jp/(English & Japanese)