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Development of Traditinal Crafts in Kanazawa

Today Kanazawa is known as a UNESCO Creative City of Arts and Folk Art. The city hasn’t forgotten that it owes this title to the influence of the Maeda lords, and specifically the clan’s third lord, Toshitsune Maeda. Toshitsune was a well-rounded expert in the arts and crafts, such as Noh theater and the tea ceremony. He invited the most highly respected masters from all over Japan  to Kanazawa in order to cultivate the city’s reputation for art and crafts.

Kaga-Yuzen is a cloth-dying technique specific to the Kanazawa region, and like Kanazawa-Shikki lacquer ware, it is a local variant of craft techniques that had originated in Kyoto. Kaga-Zogan is the craft of metal inlay that is often used as an elegant decoration technique for swords and stirrups. Ohi-Yaki produces hand-made, uniquely shaped bowls for tea ceremonies without the use of a turning table. The ceramics of Kutani-Yaki serve as beautifully crafted frames for renowned Ishikawa cuisine dishes.  Futamata-Washi paper is used to produce Japan’s finest gold leaf, an indispensible product for the finishing touches for many works of art. Also worth mentioning is Kaga-Temari, brilliantly colorful balls created with silk threads of exceptional quality that have been the favorite toys of the children of Kanazawa for generations.

All of the crafts mentioned above and many more continue to be produced in Kanazawa.