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Autumn Foliage Viewing Spots

Autumn is the season when the leaves turn red and yellow. Since ancient times, Japanese people have admired the beauty of autumn foliage. In Kanazawa, autumn foliage appears in late October, gradually extending down from the tops of the hills to the plains.

Kenroku-en is one of the most picturesque autumn-leaf spots in Japan. The contrast between the red of the maple trees and the green of the pine trees is fascinating. The garden is lit up in mid-November. If you want to admire the beauty of the autumn hues in a quieter place, you should visit the Old Site of Mr. Kurando Terashima’s House and the Nishida Family’s Gyokusen-en Garden. Each features chisen-kaiyu-shiki garden, similar to Kenroku-en, which is best enjoyed by walking on a path around a central pond.

You can also enjoy beautifully colored leaves on the city streets. The path along the Ishikawa Chuo Park and the Hakuchoro promenade near the Kenroku-en are both accessible and popular places where you can enjoy a walk surrounded by the red and yellow leaves.

In Kanazawa, there are also many temples that boast beautiful autumnal foliage. If you have enough time, why not escape the city crowds and pay a visit to the Utatsuyama or Teramachi temple areas. They will surely captivate you.