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Kanazawa Jazz Street 2013

“Kanazawa JAZZ STREET 2013” is one of the biggest annual events in Kanazawa. Thousands of people throne to the city to see 200 concerts at 20 venues in central Kanazawa for 3 days in September.

What attracts many jazz fans coming from around the country is the fusion of jazz music and a historical tourist city. Some of the performers are students, while others are professional bands or internationally famous musicians. Different musicians collaborate and compete during this event; such competitions can be an important gateway to success for them.


On sunny autumn days you can see street performances. Unfortunately, it rained throughout this year’s event. However, although indoor auditoriums may not large enough, the audience got an opportunity to be closer to the musicians, often finding themselves swinging and humming, drawn to the tender tunes of the saxophone and the quick, short rhythms of the drums.

September is the month when our downtown area is enveloped in jazz music. We look forward to seeing you again. We hope that you enjoy the jazz music in our city, be it in the hall, in the park and street.